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FATHERLESS GIRLS Written by Sharon Y. Judie A child being raised without their father is more common today than in previous decades. Many single mothers rely on government assistance for basic necessities, such as food, medical coverage and shelter. These necessities should be the shared responsibility of both parents, but that’s rarely the case. When I was in elementary school, we made handmade gifts to take home to our fathers for Father’s Day. I remember a childhood friend’s tearful reaction one year when our third grade class made gifts for Father’s Day. Her dad had died a few weeks before and being required to make a gift was a reminder that her father was gone. My friend’s tears and wailing haunted me for a long time. I was too young to understand the pain and reality of her never seeing her father again, but sadly, some men have made the intentional decision to remove themselves from their children’s lives. Our society has become numb to fathers being absent from their children’s lives, and in many instances, the children have become numb as well. Or, so it seems. The reality is, teen girls without a father in the home often find themselves in relationships with bad boys. Studies show that fatherless girls fall prey to boys and men who give them the attention they seek.  These girls seek validation and acceptance and will usually make unwise decisions and engage in risky behavior. A father’s presence and guidance are crucial to a child’s development and well- being. In their immaturity, teen girls don’t realize they’ve made unwise decisions until it’s too late. Many fatherless girls are verbally, physically and sexually abused. Daddy is the first man that a girl should love. Fatherless girls look for love to fill the void left by an absent father. While it may seem that a father’s absence is no big deal, a father’s absence affects children more than many are willing to admit. If you know a child being raised without a father, why not consider becoming a mentor? Daddy is the first man that a girl should love. Sharon Y. Judie is a writer and inspirational speaker. She hosts the "Daddy's Girl Empowerment Summit", an annual conference for girls being raised without a father in the home. Sharon is a published author of the highly popular, "Heart to Heart: Encouragement, Advice and Inspiration for Teen Girls", a compilation book of letters and advice, written by men, from various professions and walks of life, to encourage and empower teen girls. FHM 11