Faith Heart Magazine Allyson Rowe - Page 12

WALK IN FAITH 57 FHM 12 BY AMAYA DARBY TEEN CONTRIBUTING WRITER Some teens have a difficult time learning how to walk in their faith. There are a number of things we put our time and effort into, allowing it to become our identity. It is easy to allow our circumstances to define who we are, or what direction we should take in life. What we deal with often allows us to determine the amount of trust we put into God, but we’re not always going to have everything figured out as teenagers. When we exhibit faith as teens, it allows us to trust God and be at peace.    It’s hard to have faith, when we as teens, get so entangled in our daily lives. As teens, when we set goals outside of God's will or put our satisfaction in friendships, relationship, grades, and sports...we tend to lose our identity if we're not grounded in the Word.  Like superficial possessions, those items or events are fleeting and can fluctuate. So how do we maintain having faith and wanting God's best? We cannot allow worldly decisions to determine our identity. When we anchor our core beliefs in the sea of God's Word, we do not falter, question our identity, or become stagnant in our purpose. As a believer in Christ, I challenge each of you to trust God in everything and allow what He says to reign. As youth, to walk in faith, we must trust Him completely. Remember, faith is trusting and believing the best even when circumstances reflect otherwise.