Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 92

WANTED Respect at Work BY L. CARTER G rowing up as a young girl in Minnesota with big dreams, it’s not hard to believe that through God anything is possible. So when she was crowned Miss America in 1989, she continued in her belief and excitedly wondered what God was going to allow her to achieve next. She had spent time as a reporter while attending college at Stanford and had a passion for news reporting. She was thrilled to join one of television’s major networks and went on to become a prominent award-winning journalist and news anchor for Fox News. She knew this would be her life’s work. What she did not know was that sometimes while seeking out that next big story, you can actually become that next big story. Meet Gretchen Carlson. Her story became one of the most talked about news stories yet when she accused Fox News CEO Roger Ailes of sexually harassing her. It took every ounce of strength and courage she had in her to take the stand and speak out against his actions and behavior. She knew there was the risk of losing her job, of losing her position in life as a well-respected news anchor. Yet it was something she knew she had to do.