Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 91

I understand you, Mike, and John made a collaborative effort in writing ‘Follow Through’. But when I listened the record had a variety of sounds. Is there some part that when you listen you hear each other’s influences? What inspired some of the story and empowering lyrics? Life lessons empower the lyrics, and we line those up with what is biblical. Not just the things we think are neat but things actually backed by scripture. Another benefit with being a part of a band is that there are 5 different guys, with 5 different influences with 5 different sets of gifts and tools, so with this record we thought “wouldn’t it be fun to write from this perspective?” The body of christ is a diverse group of people it seems like christian music is the less diverse genre so we thought we’re diverse people lets write songs we are passionate about. There are so many different sounds and kinds of songs that mean the most and will have a broader reach. We have latino, world music, hip hop, rock, r&b, pop, gospel, old spiritual, and it excites us because that is the body of christ. Everyone in the group has their fingerprint all over the record. Thats what makes it neat. I totally agree with the neat aspect. It’s very unique, and thats what I was drawn to when I was listening. There were certain sounds that stood out to me. But the overall feel of the album was so diverse, and there wasn’t a specific sound that could be pinpointed on the band based on this album. Writing a record, we didn’t want to do Unspoken #2. I remember a quote from Lauryn Hill which was a biblical truth, that if “you’re not growing your’e dying.” So if our music isn’t changing or evolving it means we’re not living life. It has to change, it has to evolve, it has our DNA, our fingerprints on it. If [the music] is not changing or evolving then how is it fresh and new to who we are now? We are not the same people we were 5 years ago, 3 years ago or even when we wrote the first record. I hope the Lord uses it [the record]. I have big dreams for it. But again, God is sovereign and I want Him to do what He wants with it. As Christians we don’t take the same credit for it. We [Unspoken] have an independent label where we are doing really great things in a different way in our industry. We have a good management team, booking agency, and all these teams working with us. All bands have this though. So there is no formula or no way that we can take credit for any of it, other than we worked hard. We have to remember success is obedience. Success isn’t selling 100,000 records, even though we love doing it. Success isn’t selling 200,000 on the second record. Success is being faithful to what God has called us to. When you have those things You saw quite a bit of success in mind, being in a band havwith your previous album. In ing the same heart, we give all establishing who you are as a the praise and glory to God. We band, and the greater accom- know we have nothing without plishments you achieved, how Him. We give Him all the credit. do you personally or collec- We really honestly believe that, tively stay humble? and we are grateful to be a part There are so many gifted people of His plan. in the world. I remember back in the day, living in Philadelphia, For more on Unspoken, and to Mike and I traveled around play- find tour dates near you, visit: ing. We could go to a diner in the mall and hear the waiter humming to himself, or another per- To reach Unspoken through soson singing to themselves. Or cial media, click on any of the seeing street performers would icons below. have me thinking “wow there are so many gifted people in this world.” The Lord spoke to me very clearly at the Great American Diner in Philadelphia that He wasn’t concerned about my ability. He was concerned with my availability. If I could be available then God could give me whatever ability He would want me to have. There are many gifted people, and gifted Christian bands. Bands signed or unsigned.