Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 90

sage you want people to be drawn to? When we are making an album we don’t have a theme. We sit down and write songs that mean something to us, and move us in some way. After the writing is done we sit with the album for a month or two, and then start to see the theme does exist because the spirit of God has led us to write these songs. With this album it’s all about finishing what we started strong, and follow through, like the title of the album. Alot of us when we start our walk of faith we start strong because God has done incredible things. Then we live a decade or so with the Lord, and we serve God, and we go to church, and we do the right things. But we lose that passion that we once had. Maybe because of disappointments we have experienced, or things didn’t go the way we wanted. This record for us is a new season. We were on a poverty line for a decade just trying to serve the Lord. The last record helped us to start to make a living so we would only have to do one job. I think there is something within church culture, and our walks with the Lord that we [find ourselves] not finishing as strong. Our priorities change and we have families. There are alot of fun tracks on this record. At the same time [a message that] it takes much to push through and finish strong, even stronger than when we started. It’s kind of a charge to us to keep, and push with the same passion. How do you, as a band with your own families, try to have rehearsals? How do you bal- ance your time? Much of life if you want balance, whether it is time with the Lord, or ministry or family, takes a lot of intentionality. Find time for communication with my wife, family, and God. things, but kind of forsaking our time with the Lord so we had to come to a place to get our priorities straight. God is not that concerned with what we do for Him. He is more concerned with who we are in Him. As a group [Unspoken] we sit down with a calendar and cross off things, and talk about what we are doing. Some seasons are busier than others. With this album there were six months where we were busy every day with touring and making time to write. Then my wife was like “dude you need to be home a little bit.” So we understand that when we are writing a record every 2 or 3 years that we are super busy, but then we find balance by taking time off and learning how to say no. Realizing that when you say yes to something you are saying no to something else. God doesn’t want our families to suffer for His sake. We can work all day long, but if we forget to spend time with Him we are totally cheating ourselves out of the best part of the faith. Getting back to that was a big part of it. Then remembering that God is sovereign. that whatever my plans and dreams are that God is going to do what God is going to do and to be able to accept that and be able to walk in that. I love this quote I heard. One time Mother Teresa was asked to pray for a guy. He asked “I would love for you to pray for me for clarity, and Mother Teresa says: “no I’m not going to pray that. I’m going to pray for trust.” I’ve read that you felt burned out at one point, like you didn’t have anything left to give. Was this record helpful to bring you back into the purpose of the group? Was there something that was a turning point that kept you on track living life the way you have been doing it with the band? I think we get busy doing work and forget the best part, which is to know Jesus, to be in His presence, and spend time with Him. So the record is about that as well. There is no way we can follow through with our commitments to the Lord, and our family, if we are not being filled by the Lord ourselves. I feel like there was a season where we had faith and were believing for Many of us want clarity. we want to see what is going to happen. We want to see what our life is going to bring. Trust means that we are close to the Lord. Letting Him fill our lives. Letting Him give us confidence in who He is. We don’t have to know what the future brings. We just have to know God is in the middle of it all. Wow that just ministered to me! And it does to me. One thing that is awesome about being a songwriter is that all of us are, maybe in different seasons, going through the same things. If we can write songs from the place where God is dealing with us then we can relate to people because we are all going through.