Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 86

low kids to think this behavior is cial media. Therefore, it is terriokay when it is not. bly easy to see bullying behavior going on in these mediums. The Now, I know some are thinking bully chooses this type of acI don’t know what I’m talking tion because of course they can about. Kids will be kids as they remain anonymous if they like, say, right? Well, like I said, there and cause a stir against someis a point where it becomes one else in order to embarrass, more than just kids being kids. harass, belittle, and put them Boys will be boys, and they will down. We cannot turn a deaf ear pick on each other. However, to any kind of bullying or think it’s when one is gaining ground, and just something kids go through. always picking on the other to It does not have to be. the point where the other one is saddened and unhappy most of Whether being bullied in person the time, something needs to be or through cyber connections, done. That is not just boys being the effects of the bullying are the boys. That is one boy bullying same for kids. They tend to not the other. want to attend school, they experience low self-esteem, poor If the behavior is not checked, self-image, they don’t do as well it will cross over into adulthood in school because they lack moand they will become bullies in tivation to move forward and the workplace, and anywhere reach goals. In short, they are they go where they feel threat- not truly living, just existing. ened or jealous of someone else. Children need to be taught They become extremely unhaphow to handle conflict, to use py. Let’s not forget the bully is their words, not their fists. They also an unhappy person. It takes need to be both told and shown an unhappy person to spend their how to manage their emotions time, energy, and efforts picking such as anger and resentment, on someone else. This shows a jealousy and envy. They need to person who is very insecure and learn different behavior patterns unsure of themselves. They are to help them cope when things also full of jealousy and envy todon’t go their way, or when they ward others. It is a very sad situfeel they do not quite measure ation all around. up to someone else. BULLYING AND SUICIDE CYBERBULLYING The act of cyberbullying is bullying that takes place across electronic devices including cell phones, tablets, computers, etc. It takes place through social media and texting on these devices. Nearly every teenager has at least one of these devices. Many may have more than one. And many teens engage in so- They see themselves disappointing their loved ones and they know they cannot go on living this way. But instead of figuring out the answer by seeking help, they begin to think of ending their lives. It is important to notice signs of depression in youth and teens. According to, these are some of the signs to watch out for: ● Talking or joking about committing suicide with friends or family and on social media. ● Writing poems or stories about death, dying and suicide primarily. ● Engaging in reckless behavior that results in accidents or giving away prized possessions. ●Talking about ways to kill themselves using pills, or weapons. ● An outgoing person that withdraws from family and friends is a sign. ● A good student whose grades plummet and they lose interest in learning is a sign of depression. ● Trouble sleeping. ● Frequent nightmares. ● Change in eating habits. ●Weight loss or extreme weight gain. Some think of bully behavior is not a big deal, others realize it is a big deal and may even think it Extremely sad because the per- is a huge problem that will not go son being bullied can get to the away. However, it can be curbed point that they feel they would with parents and teachers workrather no longer be here. They ing together to stop it when they feel it is better to die than to see it happening, and to look for continue to live their lives this danger signs that a child may be way. They experience extreme in trouble. Below is a list of ordepression, which includes loss ganizations that can offer inforof appetite, loss of motivation to mation for anyone going through succeed. a bullying situation. These resources exist to help families