Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 85

If the bully is bullied at home, they are more likely to come to school and act out what they have experienced at home. That is where parents can enforce the rules in the home and disallow anything that resembles bullying at home. Once again, it is not just “part of being a kid.” We need to lose that mentality. It is not okay for a kid to go to school and beat up on another kid for no reason at all. It is not okay for them to steal that kids’ lunch, or push them down, make fun of them in front of a group. None of this is okay. Yet if parents allow excessive teasing, and hurtful words, pushing and fighting at home, when one is gaining ground over the other and “lording it over” the other, this is bullying behavior. This is not okay. Parents have to take control over situations while their kids are young and not al-