Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 81

Erin Bethea

Breathes New Life into Movie


really out of a desire to take an audience through a really tragic or really emotional circumstance . We really showed the power of hope and the power of the human spirit that we have within us .
I think the Lord gave us an ability to determine our own destiny in the way we approach life , our attitude , and in the way we wake up every morning that we can fight the tragic circumstances around us and we can choose joy . We can have hope , and that choice is not as powerful if you don ’ t do justice to heartbreak or tragic circumstances .
It is easy to express joy when things are really easy . So we had to show the hard stuff in order to make the hope more powerful .
I think that we are conditioned to expect a happily ever after scenario , and I hate to admit it , but I love a good tragedy because it ’ s not predictable ! It takes you on a different journey , so I appreciated that about the movie- although I am warning women to have a box of tissues handy ! ( laughing )
( laughing ) I know ! We keep joking that we need Kleenex to be an official sponsor of the movie , and just like they hand out 3-D glasses , we would be handing out those little tissue packs .
I think that ’ s a testament to how believable the character is , because you become so engrossed in her life and her experiences .