Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 80

really instrumental because I basically helped create the character and built her from the ground. So it wasn’t the normal process that I would follow as an actor, but in all of trying to trying to get to know her, I built her. By the time we got to filming, I felt like I definitely knew the woman inside and out. I knew of her back story, all the things that she was thinking and feeling. So at that point, it became about doing justice to this fictional person that I had come to really connect with and care about. She became real to me, and I tried rin Bethea began her Christmas, Amazing Love, This to do justice to the fact that she career as an actress is Our Time, The Redemption of represented a lot of people’s true after graduating from Henry Myers, and as the voice of story, and true journey. the University of Mo- “Maggie” in Iesodo. I understand you were both bile. She made her debut as sportscaster, Alicia Houston in Currently, Erin is creating feature a writer and producer of New Facing the Giants. films with her production com- Life. What led you to write a pany, Argentum Entertainment, romantic story that is more Erin has also been a performer which she will discuss with us in of a tragedy than a feel-good, happily ever after style of rofor Walt Disney World in Or- further detail. mance? lando, Florida where she spent almost eight years appearing in How did you prepare for such It is pretty tragic, but I think first various shows. Her career took a challenging role as the one of all I love romantic comedies an unexpected turn as she was of Ava? Was it easy to prepare but man I also love sad movcast in the lead role of Catherine yourself for such an emotion- ies! I love to cry, and I may be Hold for Fireproof opposite Kirk ally-charged role? Did you in the minority, but give me Steel Magnolias any day of the week! Cameron. have to do any research? I had to do lots of research be- (laughing) Since her success with Fireproof, forehand. I think part of my Bethea has hosted two seasons preparation came in the fact that I mean, that’s just part of my of OMX: On Mission Xtra, and I co-wrote the script with our di- heart. Our director, Drew, he rehas appeared on The Heart of rector, Drew Waters. That was ally created this story and it was E