Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 7

Stand Up Bullying AGAINST BY CHRIS BENTON B ullying is a tough subject to hit on and being a child of God you will feel the wrath of bullying. In fact, for today’s teens who stand up for God, they are probably going to be more bullied than ever before. Being a Christian in a Babylon world is tough but it can still happen. What do you do when your child is bullied? We only have a 4-year-old so I can only talk from a point of view about what I plan on saying. I was bullied when I was young and so was my wife. People that bully usually have such low self-images that they feel they have to bully to make themselves feel better. They bring you down in order to raise themselves up. I would try to teach my kids to stand strong no matter what and be the one that stands up for others when you see them get bullied. Many times someone who is getting bullied just needs someone to stand up for them. I would help them see that as a child of God, we can’t allow people to walk over others because that is not being Christ-Like. The sad part of all this bullying is that adults are actually modeling the bullying right now, especially with the election year upon us. I watch grown adults on Facebook try to bully each other to see another point of view. The adult modeling is why bullying in schools is so rampant right now. Yes, there has always been bul- lying and for the most part, there always will be bullies as long as humans are involved. However, maybe things could change if many parents would watch what they are saying to another adult on Facebook and ask themselves what would they say to their child if their child said that same thing to a classmate? I would hope that it would wake some adults up. This article was supposed to be about child bullies, but to be honest, the adults are the biggest part of the problem with child bullies. The child in most cases learns to bully from somewhere and for the most part, they learn it from their parents. In most cases, it is probably the dad.