Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 69

Her life took another turn when a radio owner called her and asked whether she had ever thought about doing radio. She was offered a position on the morning show. Naomi agreed and was on the radio for a year. While on radio, Naomi began writing for Christian radio and doing Christian music. Naomi then decided to write a follow up to her testimony. At this point, Naomi was wondering what she was going to do next. Was she just going to be a “normal person”. Maybe, she thought, that her ministry was supposed to be small, and not large. There were so many questions! Things changed when a friend contacted her on Facebook who used to be part of the Backstreet Boys. They met when she was fifteen and working for Sony, but they had lost touch since then. He asked her how she was doing, and how her career was going. Naomi informed him that she was no longer in pop music, and was now doing Christian music instead. He asked her if she was writing an album, and she thought, “I don’t know. I live in Moncton, New Brunswick. I don’t really have the things I need to make an album” He then invited her down to Franklin, Tennessee to meet his friends who were famous writers in the Christian industry. Then, he said, “Let’s make an album.” Naomi said, “O.K.” Naomi says that since then, her life has been a series of surprises and miracles. Naomi has also began writing, and has begun a vlog that has captured attention. Naomi has learned, through her journey, to trust in God implicitly to supply all of her needs. She has learned that she needs to serve Him with her whole heartnot just part of it. She discovered, in her journey, that life outside of His will was challenging, and led to heartbreak. However, in Him, were blessings and surprises that she could never have fathomed! Many thanks to Naomi Striemer for her inspiring testimony! It was an absolute delight speaking with you!