Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 67

Naomi says that at that moment, she knew she was out… she was done. succeed and sometimes His ways are not our ways. Naomi was faced with a situation At that time, Naomi realized that of “What do I do now?” up until that point, she had always towed the line- just like the Then, she received an invitation man had said. She said that she to speak at a youth family camp. had never really committed to It, coincidentally, was the same just one side. At that moment, family camp she had attended she realized that through these as a child. She recollects that people, it was as if the Devil the timing was divine because were tempting her to choose it brought her back to a place do your thing- we do our thing to- “just us”. Satan was telling her where it all began. gether. There was no judgment. that she needed to make a deAs long as you don’t judge me, I cision. When she realized that Naomi remembers thinking, this is what was being presented “Well, I’ve preached once in my won’t judge you.” to her, the decision was clear. life. I’ve written songs. I’m sure that I can do eleven talks. I can All of a sudden, the laid Her response was “no”. do this.” back, easy going atmosphere changed. Naomi was confront- Naomi vowed right then and ed with people who told her that there that she was 100% sold So over the next several months, she needed to make a choice in out to God and that was the final she wrote out eleven presentations that she was going to deher life as to whether her belief moment for her. liver to the youth. Yet what God in God was more important than her career. She was informed She soon realized that she was can in store, Naomi could not that if it was, then she needed to a few weeks away from signing have imagined… make a change. They told her a big deal, and she needed the that if she was going to make it, money. However, at that mo- It was there that she met her they had to make it collectively ment, she realized that she didn’t husband! together. They said that the mu- care. She hope and trust was in sic needed to be the number the Lord for her provision, and if Naomi admits that she had lived one priority in her life. “Sure,” God wanted her to walk away, in Los Angeles, and had previNaomi said. “They said that God He would have provision for her. ously had several relationships. Due to several failed relationcan be in your life, but he can’t be number one because if he’s “It’s a beautiful part,” says Naonumber one, then you aren’t fo- mi. “Realizing that you are no cused. Your main focus needs longer in control. I cannot say enough that it is in that very moto be this.” ment that miracles are created.” “I remember looking at them and thinking that I’m not having a conversations with humans, anymore. I think that I’m having a conversation with the Devil.” Naomi says with an amazed chuckle. Naomi said that the first conclusion she came to was that she had to throw all of her ideas out the window. She said that you may have a way that you want to bless God’s kingdom, but if it isn’t God’s way, then you won’t