Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 53

that is actually not the school’s responsibility, but the parent- or the family’s- responsibility. So the more the family can lean in on each other, struggle together, work together, pray together, and do life together, I think they will be much stronger. because of the hard circumstances and his choices. He is physically trying to save these beautiful young ladies, but at the same time, he is falling in love with one of them because of her incredible strength. Despite her circumstances, and despite what people are telling Once again, that’s a generaliza- her, she still has this incredible tion, and there are many excep- strength. So there is almost this tions. There are no absolutes dichotomy happening where he in that statement as there are is attempting to save her physimany variables. I think part of cally, and she is saving him althe general struggle we are hav- most mentally/spiritually. I think ing in wanting to raise spiritually this is beautiful and a very real sensitive men in this culture, and example of what a strong, Godday and age. fear ing woman looks like. With this message, are you In watching the story, I was hoping to reach women/young wonder how- despite knowing women with the knowledge that what was happening was that they have value? It is a bad and illegal- James contintwo-sided issue. ues to make bad decisions. Yes, certainly. The other side to Is it out of fear or something this situation is that women do more? He ends up making one have worth, and they do have bad decision after another. value. As young men, Luke and I think there were two things I are speaking on the perspec- at play for him. James was so tive of what we are facing as stuck in his own issue of the loss young men. But, yes, a lot of it of his wife, and it just kind of ruis directed to young men, and ined him. It is not making him young women. You were cre- stronger, and he is becoming reated as ladies under God. You sentful as he is not dealing with are image-bearers of God. In it that well. Then, subsequently, a time when your worth is more the loss of his daughter and that defined by your form and you his daughter is taken from him. figure, your rate of success, your dress, or the guy that you have So when he sits back, and noon your arm, that true identity of tices that things are awry, he a woman is found in who they looks at these young ladies are in Him and under God. who are confident in what they are going to become- a maid or We take it upon ourselves at ev- housekeeper or something, and ery opportunity we can to bring feels they must be some form forth this message. of an illegal immigrant or something. He feels that he has his Stepping back into the film world, own things to deal with, and that and into this beautiful moment, he needs to see this through bemy character James is pretty cause he doesn’t know of any down and out. He’s struggling better point. Frankly, he didn’t have the character. He’s honestly given up. Even if he were told what to do, it was at that moment when he meets the guys for the first time and senses deep within his spirit that something is awry. It is by seeing their faces and immediate connecting of the dots that he notices something isn’t right. But at that point, he’s outnumbered, and it’s just too late. He feels he couldn’t do anything. Not to blow the cover of the film, but that’s where the real story is from then on. What lead you to specifically make a movie on human trafficking? There are two vantage points. If you pull back the lens, and look at this movie from a thirty thousand foot view, it is really what we started this conversation with. It is a conversation starter for young men to stand up and start to love well. It is a conversation starter for young women to know that no matter what has been done to me, no matter what has been said to me, my definition is not found in any man. It is found in a deeper truth that I am an image bearer of God. That is where I will find my definition, my worth, and my strength. If you go down into the nuts and bolts of it, in the Priceless Movement, we have a human being that can be bought and sold into slavery. Love can be bought, pleasure can be bought, and it’s prostitution. It’s tragic. In the middle of the film, it kicks in as to what true love really looks like, and an opportunity to