Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 51

theatrics. We’ve always loved the highs and lows, and the drama. In our music videos we try to tell these grand stories that are culturally relevant. My brother Ben, actually, is a filmmaker. Growing up, Luke and I would always do music, and Ben and I would always be involved in films together. So, I don’t know why Luke was always the first to be killed off in these little short films or whatever. (laughing) Nonetheless, as we went along on for King and Country’s journey, it has always been a dream for Ben and I to make a film. But we wanted to make the right film with the right purpose. We knew enough to know the financial strain, the physical strain, and what it takes to make a film. So, about two years ago, I went to him and said, “Hey, Ben, since the beginning of the band, we’ve been sharing about this crisis movement charging men to be chivalrous in how we love, and celebrating a woman’s worth. It has been alarming and thrilling at the same time to see how people have responded to this. People have responded so overwhelmingly, and at the same time. Ben said, “Man, I so love this idea!” (Ben) referenced a documentary that he had edited a few years prior, and there was an important component in it that they could pull a lot of information from. They could “marry” it to the sentiment of the Priceless movie. It has been a really passion project for all of us. I was the writer in the synopsis of the story, and Luke as well. Me as an actor, Luke as a producer, and Ben, obviously, as the director- it was something that we are just thrilled to see come to life. It came to life in a really gritty, honest, yet hopefully God willing, still inspirational way. (laughing) Gritty is definitely the way I would describe it. Yet I don’t know if it would have an impact any other way.