Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 50

S JOEL E H C A E T E N SMALLBO “Slavery, prostitution, and trafficking is all supply and demand. You get rid of the demand- which is primarily menand the supply immediately evaporates.” s s e l e c i r P s i e u l a V Your BY MICHELLE C. DANKO God sees you. It is about defining your worth according to for King and Country’s Luke and who you are in Christ than any Joel Smallbone wrote a movie material possession or relationentitled, Priceless, which came ship that you may be in. There, out October 14, 2016. The is where you will learn, that you movie was truly a family affair are priceless. as they enlisted the help of their brother, Ben, in making a movie Faith Filled Family was privithat, at it’s core, informs men to leged to be able to interview treat women in a godly, worthy, Joel Smallbone on a film that he is absolutely passionate aboutrespectful fashion. and with good reason! Conversely, it tells women that no matter what was ever done, Out of curiosity, what made or spoken to you, to know that you decide to go from music you have worth- you are valu- to film? able- and you don’t need to Well, I have to say first of all, the settle for anything less than how band we’ve always loved the