Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 47

BY CATHERINE SPADA O ur faith is not based on emotion, yet the fluidity of our emotions and circumstances has an effect on our faith life. In the ebb and flow of our daily struggles we are often challenged with great desolation. Within our world we are inevitably faced with ups and downs. Tribulation can seem to frustrate our relationship with the Heavenly Father. Ministering to a person in such a state is a very sensitive matter. It is in this experience that our friendships in Christ can bring forth great life and consolation, reflecting the loving compassion of our Lord. Brotherhood and sisterhood in Christ is a powerful bond that can help lighten our burdens and can remind us of the love and mercy spoken to us in the Gospel. When we are called to coun- sel another in Christ, but suffering from despair, we must be very sensitive to their state and be sure to enter deeply in to personal prayer with our Lord prior to taking action in order to avoid speaking prematurely. It is wise to spend some time meditating upon the Word of God, and to reflect on the Gospel message to gain greater perspective. Keeping some verses in mind and even writing them down to be shared is also good practice. While it may be seemingly appropriate to focus on the Scriptural accounts of our Lord’s comforting promises to His faithful as shared throughout the Gospel, it is also helpful to site other places in Scripture where those in moments of suffering, loss, and despair reach out to the Lord, and th us in their crying out find they are provided for. It can be very isolating to feel alone in anguish or guilty for