Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 38

LESLIE: Yes, the initial idea was to examine the lives of poets and saints including St. Francis, St. Patrick, John Newton, C.S. Lewis and others to find a connection to them and modern followers of Jesus. We learned that these people didn’t shy away from suffering, they pressed into it and into God… and out of that flowed great ideas and great songs that are still shaping our hearts and theology. We wrote songs that were inspired by these poets and saints and our pastor, Jamie George, wrote a companion book titled Poets and Saints: Eternal Insight. Extravagant Love. Ordinary People. The book traces our travels through the UK and Europe to discover more about each poet and saint while taking a deeper look into their lives, their humanity. We also developed video curriculum and a study guide for Poets & Saints so that we could share our experience with other churches and small groups. Where can both be purchased? DAVID: The Poets & Saints album, book and study guide are all available on Amazon and in most Christian retail stores and at our website. The album is also available on iTunes and so is a Poets & Saints “Deluxe Community Edition” that has all of the songs plus seven curriculum videos. What are the other music albums called? DAVID: Our other albums are All Sons & Daughters, All Sons & Daughters: Live and Season One. Our EPs are titled Brokenness Aside, The Longing and Reason To Sing. What is the most popular song that the band has ever sung? LESLIE: The song we see the mot response from when we travel