Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 36

MUSIC SPOTLIGHT BY LISA STILLWELL band in Europe. All Sons And Daughters’ Spend their time serving the Lord with all their heart. Their fourth fulllength album, Poets &Saints (Integrity Music), along with a companion book penned by Jamie George, curriculum and a study guide (David C Cook,) will take you on a epic journey into the lives and stories of a handful of Christ-followers used to wake up the world. What was the motivation behind choosing that name? DAVID: We wanted a name that reflected who we are and also as a part of the Church. Who came up with the name of the band? LESLIE: David did… when we first began discussions with our label, Integrity Music, we didn’t have a band name. David and I had been writing/leading together at our church, Journey, in Franklin, Tennessee. But we weren’t thinking “oh, we’re a band and we need a name.” :) So, on the way to meet with the label, we talked through options and David suggested Sons & Daughters. We had to add “All” later to distinguish us from a Did love for the Lord have anything to do with why the band originally began? DAVID: Absolutely! For my part, I had been traveling with a band and out on the road for a while and I was missing being at home with my wife and our church family. I wanted to be rooted, to serve our church and write songs for that community. When our pastor introduced me to Leslie, who was leading worship for the church, we started writing together and realized we shared a heart for serving churches and for writing songs that are transparent… we wanted to write honest songs that reflect the ups and downs of following Jesus, all while staying focused on Him.