Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 28

OVERCOMING LONELY BY KELLY ELDERS L oneliness has nothing to do with how many people surround you. Some of the most lonely people are surrounded by family or people everyday. You can be lonely and never be alone. Many people are living life surrounded by church people, coworkers and family members yet have this loneliness deep within. Loneliness is a feeling of being disconnected and isolated. It leaves a person feeling as if no one can understand or relate yet Jesus himself felt this very feeling. When he found himself on the cross feeling forsaken even from his Father. When He hung on the cross many of his disciples were no where to be seen as he cried out “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Matthew 27:46 It may have been what He felt in that moment because He took upon all of our sin which separated Him from God so He can identify when we struggle in these times. The enemy loves to make us feel isolated and as if we can not connect with others. It makes us vulnerable to his voice of de-