Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 24

How Can Families Have a Healthy Relationship With Technology? Interview with Matt McKee BY CLIVE MCLAREN I would like you to meet Matt McKee, he is an ordained minister; an itinerant communicator speaking to churches, Youth conferences and business communities. He is also a writer, entrepreneur, funding consultant to Christian businesses and a Panel member of ‘Circle with Disney’, helping develop and sell smart technology that monitors how much time family members spend on the Internet using Facebook, smart phones, chat rooms and games etc. He has recently returned from Europe speaking in Madrid, Berlin and Paris about the Circle app. He has written a book called ‘Parent chat’, which highlights how we as parents struggle with our children’s obsession with smart devices, chat rooms, and computer games. He explains very simply that we need to look firstly at our own use of this technology, asking the questions, ‘Are we ourselves addicted to online shopping, answering texts, playing and online games? For if we as parents do not know how to find a healthy balance of how much we use this technology and what we look at, then how can we expect our children to practice such self-discipline for themselves? He then shares how we can set a good example, and then through proactive conversations with our children, help them to limit the