Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 14

into slavery because they wanted him gone. He could have quit right there on believing in God and his promise but he chose to stand strong even through the fire. Eventually he moved up and then something else happened. He ended up over time getting accused of a rape that he didn’t even commit. In fact he said “NO” and ran away when the advances came at him but that didn’t stop the rape charge from happening. Even then he chose to still serve God. I can’t imagine going through all of that and standing strong like he did but he did. This story eventually ends on a good note and he got the promise that God gave him many years later. You read stories like this all through the bible. I only touched on Joseph’s story in a small way in order to make a point that you will have the same kind of fire. You will have the same kind of tests. It may not be exactly what Joseph went through but you will have a test that God brings to you and probably many of them as you grow spiritually. Growth doesn’t happen over night and if it did and God gave us what we he said right away, we would not be ready. Just like in 2010, God told Sandy and I that we would be speaking and telling our story on stages to help other marriages that have addictions. I went through 19 years of addictions until almost 9 years ago on Dec. 26, 2007 when God healed me from them. There are several parts to this story where we had to be pa- tient even when it was hard. The first was that my wife had to deal with my addictions the first 5 years of our marriage. She went through hell doing it. She loved me through them while praying to God each night to change and heal my heart. She felt like God was going to change me so she stood by me even when others would not. She went year after year until that day came when I pleaded with God to please heal me and take that stupid desire away so that I could be the husband that he wanted me to be for my amazing wife. God used her to heal me because she loved me so much that I had no choice to change. Her love softened my heart enough to come back to God. The second part started in 2010 when God gave us that vision of a speaking marriage ministry to tell our story. We thought that would happen overnight and here we are 6 years later still working on this. In fact, I have my first speaking engagement to tell my story in December. We didn’t think it would take that long. Not only did he tell us we would be doing this, but he gave me the name “Inspired Marriage” for this ministry. mediately because we felt this was still the vision for our life. I also started a small video message ministry back around Easter that has helped me speak. Yes, there is no audience but the more you speak the better you get. In my first few video s I was scared to death. In fact, God told me to start those videos over a year ago but I never did because I felt like people would judge me. I was so scared to do that. Yeah and I am supposed to speak right? I did my first one back on Easter weekend and now I have created over 80 short videos. Some are 5-15 minutes long. I also did a 35 minute one telling my story which is helping me get ready for what God wants us to do. All of this has been a training ground for where God is leading us. If most people looked at us, they would not see anything yet because the promise of God has not been fulfilled in their eyes but we know that it is being fulfilled before our very eyes. We are growing and we are seeing doors open up for us so that we can move forward. I will talk about one last thing and this will be about how my first speaking engagement came I locked in that domain name about. God will open doors when back in 2010 and after a few there are none. Hurricane Matyears we almost gave up on this thew was coming toward Savanvision so we let that domain go nah so this Christian business and someone else bought it. group that meets for breakfast Well, this year 2016 we felt like once a month had to move their God was nudging us again to meeting time to the next week pull this all back together. The because of that. The speaker crazy thing is, that domain was could not make it the following back available! I locked it in im- week so the person in charge