Faith Filled Family Magazine November 2016 - Page 101

Atheist Delusion The Unbeliever’s Comfort Zone BY HELEN MURRAY One of the beautiful quotes from this film is Í don’t want to be a bag full of dust. I want Ray, give us some back- to know what to believe?’ Is ground to the making of this this a common question these film. What seeded the idea for days or is it throttled by politiit and how did it take shape for cal correctness or some other Ray is also known for his telev- you? popular thinking style? sion series with Kirk Cameron I went to a local college to make Someone asking sincere quescalled, “The Way of the Master” a short video promoting a book tions about death reveals a humwhich is watched in over 190 called “Made in Heaven” for one ble heart. Human nature is so countries. of my publishers. I met an athe- proud; few publicly reveal their ist, asked him to look through the fears about death. However, it is Ray is known for his open air book, and tell me if he could be- one of the first signs of a tender preaching style, throught-pro- lieve it made itself. Of course he heart towards God. voking questions that challenge didn’t. It would be impossible for the perspectives of unbelievers, a book to make itself. Then, for Did you find it a simple matand for several “controversial” some reason I asked him about ter to look for young people documentaries. DNA--the instruction book for to interview or did you have life, and if it could have made it- to contact a huge number of Faith Filled Family was privileged self. In minutes he had changed potential interviewees. What to speak with Ray about his lat- his mind about being as atheist. I was that process like? est documentary, The Atheist was astounded by his reaction. I I approached at least 500 strangDelusion which challenged the then went to a number of univer- ers and asked if they were atheunbeliever on why they believe sities, asked the same question, ists. Surprisingly, atheists that what they believe. and to my surprise got the same would come on camera were result. few and far between. I ended up Ray Comfort, thank you for getting a dozen or so good intertalking with me about your new film “The Atheist Delusion”. I must say that I found it VERY compelling viewing. It ignited a deep volcanic explosion of joy inside me to think this is to be released around the world to desecrate the comfortable lies that many people prefer to rational scientific construction in modern times. I am intoxicated with Ray Comfort is the founder and CEO of Living Waters. Additionally, he is the author of over 80 best-selling books including How to Know God Exists and The Evidence Bible. this presentation. Thank you for your kind words.