Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 9

not always what they say but in how they say it .
There is a huge difference in saying “ Hi ” to someone verses “ HIIIII ” You know exactly what I am talking about . You see it all the time so don ’ t try and disregard what I am saying as its all friendly because you no better than that .
Flirting is very disrespectful to your spouse whether you realize it or not . It also makes them feel bad . Do you have a daughter ? Ask yourself , how you are talking to this person , would you mind your daughter hearing the conversation ? Ask what if an adult man said exactly what you or the other person was saying to your
15 year old daughter , would you be OK with it ? If you were just being friendly then you would not mind at all but if you cringe thinking about that then just maybe your flirting has crossed the line !
As God to help heal whatever it is within you that you need attention for . Ask him to bring that spark back into your marriage so that you talk to your spouse the way you talk to others . Ask him to forgive what all you have done through all this and now go to your spouse and find a way to light that spark again because it is where all your extra attention needs to go !
Living a God-Inspired Life ,
Chris Benton
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