Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 8

marriage ? People through the years have tried to tell me they can do both and one by one , people have ended up divorcing .
You see , flirting is crossing the line within your heart . It is making your heart think about another man or woman . When you get some cheap thrill from the opposite sex , you have replaced a piece of your heart with that action .
The more you flirt with others the less you flirt with your spouse . The more you flirt the less you start liking your spouse . Your heart will start to be divided between two or more people and you can ’ t have that within your marriage .
Flirting causes you to fade from your spouse . How many times have you heard people say we have just grown apart ? Life is tough and marriage is tougher trying to keep it alive . Many times you have so much going on in your life that your marriage takes a back seat so when all of a sudden this person at work starts showing you some attention through flirting with you and you do it back , you are starting to create an emotional bond with that person .
This is a very slow process and this this why so many people fall in their marriages . Flirting with others doesn ’ t end your marriage right away but through months and years , you will start to see trouble within your marriage . You will start comparing your spouse with the people that flirt with you and who you flirt with . You will start to question does your spouse even still care since they don ’ t act that way . Once you start questioning , it doesn ’ t take long for that to hardened your heart some towards your spouse .
I have also had people say to me well I don ’ t flirt but I can ’ t stop them from flirting with me . That is a LIE and you know it . It ’ s not that you can ’ t stop it , you won ’ t stop it because you love the attention . You feel that you are not getting that kind of attention from your spouse so you will get it from somewhere else .
This is a fake sense of attention because they don ’ t live with you . You may hear them say so many great things about you but they only see you at your best , your spouse sees you at your best and also at your worst . If this is a work attraction then the odds are the person only sees your best because most times people bring their “ A ” game to work because they are trying to climb that corporate ladder .
So in a sense , they are only seeing the good side of you because we all have moments . Then you start to feel like well this person would be better than my spouse and you start to pursue this even more until the day you cross that sacred line .
Maybe you never fall sexually but God says even lusting after someone , you have already committed adultery !
Matthew 5:28 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart .
That is talking about men but this goes both ways . Flirting means you have already committed adultery in God ’ s eyes .
So when someone flirts with you , what do you do ? You tell them that it makes you uncomfortable what they are saying because to you flirting should only be with your spouse . Maybe you do lose your job over this but it ’ s better to lose your job than to lose your marriage .
Maybe you even have to leave your job and find a new one because the flirting you have done already , you have already crossed that line emotionally . Again , I would rather leave a job where I was emotionally attached to someone than to lose my marriage .
Not long ago I had a woman private message me in facebook who started to flirt my way . I put a stop to that and told her I don ’ t allow anyone to flirt with me like that because that is disrespecting my wife . She quit and I did unfriend her from facebook , I just thought that was the right thing to do .
You may be saying that you are just friendly ? You know the difference . I am not talking about you being friendly to someone . That is difference . I am talking about you getting a rise emotionally or even sexually when that connection happens . That is what I am talking about . You can tell when someone is just being friendly and this is just how they talk especially in persona because its