Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 78

we know that we already have a great song . The fear may come when we go on stage to sing it . But scripturally , we know that God has not given us the spirit of fear but a sound mind . Other than that , we already have it in our hearts that we ’ re going to bless somebody .
Do you make New Year Resolutions ? If so , can you share one with us ? I do more praying — being in prayer about this year and wanting God to bless my efforts this year is my focus . I tell God that I ’ m willing to make the necessary sacrifices , but I want him to bless what I do . And Roz , you ’ ve never heard a guy pray for God ’ s anointing like I do . I ask for God ’ s anointing when I get out the bed . You have to be anointed to live your life in a Christ-like spirit .
The legendary trio of blood brothers , The Rance Allen Group , released its 25th album “ Live From San Francisco ” ( Tyscot Records ) and a separate DVD of it on October 28th , 2016 . The group pioneered the fusion of R & B- styled rhythms with spiritual and message music themes in the 1970s . It ’ s a winning style that has won them fans as varied as American Idol ’ s Randy Jackson , Kirk Franklin , `80s rockers Huey Lewis & The News and Fred Hammond . They continue to labor in this unique musical vineyard on the new eleven-song set that was recorded live at the Bay area ’ s Richmond Memorial Auditorium .
Link to new music video : https :// www . youtube . com / watch ? v = BNcxMkHhep8 I ’ d like to thank the Rance Allen for sharing his time . Special gratitude to Bill Carpenter for setting up this interview .

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