Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 77

Our mother would always remind us that we should stay together and be family . The old proverb is true for us : “ train up a child in the way that he should go , and when he is old he will not depart from it .” And , the good thing about being a group of brothers is that we have blood flowing between us . You may argue , just like we have , but we have always been able to work things out . Whereas had there not been a blood connection , I don ’ t know if we would have been able to do that .
Who is the one who holds it all together ? It ’ s really all three of us . One may be the cause of the problem , but the other two will come to the rescue from the problem . My oldest brother Tom is more like the family patriarch . My brother Steve , is more the businessman . Me , I ’ m the preacher , the spiritual guy . The guy who brings in the voice of God . Between the three of us , it has to be an overall effort , or else it doesn ’ t work .
The album was recorded live from San Francisco . Tell us about that experience — the energy in the room and is a live recording what you prefer ? There was an energy that was second to none . We saw teenagers and grandmothers with their hands up . Babies walking around , seeming to enjoy themselves .
Live recordings are not my first choice . You have to rehearse endlessly , and at my age you have to remember all the lyrics and transitions , etc . But I ’ m told by my record company , manager , and tens of thousands of people that they love to see The Rance Allen Group perform live . So , I push myself to do it . But I would love to go into the studio and work like a construction worker — put the album together brick by brick .
The album is a mixed of new , fresh songs and remastered fan favorites . Tell us about some of the album picks . Some of the fan favorites were remastered , including Miracle Worker ( 1990 ), Something About the Name Jesus ( 1996 ) thanks to Kirk Franklin , and Like a Good Neighbor ( 1991 ). The single All Day Long simply says I can make it as long as I keep a song on my lips . Vessel features a very powerful performance by Paul Porter who always takes a song by the reigns and owns it .
The entire album is powerful , and I especially loved Vessel . The lyrics are so relatable . Fifty years and twenty-five albums later , do you ever experience fear or worry that the next single or album may not be relevant . If so , how do you handle it ? Before an album is released , we have discussed the songs , the lyrics , and the message . When we get out there ( to perform ),