Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 76


A Candid Interview with Rance Allen of the Grammy Award Nominated Trio , The Rance Allen Group

The Rance Allen Group has

been performing together for almost fifty years . This season marks a major career milestone — they recently released a 25th album . And it ’ s a big deal , considering that they are a gospel music quartet who lacks the bells and whistles that most artists who perform secular music enjoy .
Growing up Rance Allen new exactly what he wanted to be . He preached his first sermon when he was five years old . At the age of four , he told his grandmother that he wanted to preach like a certain preacher that he had heard . And she took him seriously , helping to write his sermons . He began rehearsing and preaching in the house . “ I felt the call ”, Rance said . “ I felt like I knew God , even at an early age .”
Some people feel their purpose early in life . Was the call to sing as strong as the call to preach ? I knew I could do it . I knew how got excited people became when I sang . It was something that my mom and grandmother had a hand in . They were my promoters and producers . We would go to different churches , and they stood me on tabletops to sing . At times , I would literally bring the house down .
Fifty years later , singing still works . Tell us about the group , relative to your life ’ s purpose . Did you know that this was it ? Yes . We felt this need to be closer together as brothers , the three of us . There are 12 of us — six guys and six girls . The oldest three ( Tom , Rance , and Steve ) make up the Rance Allen Group . How did you do it ? Some people fall apart . Tell us about you forming the group and how you managed to keep it together this long ?