Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 68

I Love You , Therefore You Possession

More marriages would last if each one fully understood what love looks like from God and towards one anoth
1 John 4:7 “ Dear friends , let us love one another , for love comes from God . Everyone who loves has been born of God a
The love we receive from the Father is the love we should mimic since we are made in His image . His love ga take upon our sin . God gave us Jesus who also laid down his life so that we might live . When Christ died for u overcomers in this life . When we have received and believed the love God has towards us then we too are ab
If both husband and wife focused only on one another ’ s needs it would result in a healthy marriage . It would req their focus from their own needs to needs of their spouse . There ’ s something special about having the ability