Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 66

the age of 19 , I have sung on animated projects , but was never involved on the production side . I had never given art and storyboard direction . I relished it , but it was a challenge . When we step into something new , we can have a little self-doubt . We simply have to step back and say ‘ God called me to this .’ Then , just keep moving forward , and He will equip . That ’ s been a fun journey , because when you get to the other side , you have developed new skills . It ’ s challenging , but fun and exciting .
Who has had the greatest impact on you as a singer and songwriter ? I listen to so many different artists and styles . I just love music . It ’ s is like food for my soul . On the arts level , music is something I can ’ t live without .
As a singer , I loved all the ladies who were big as I was coming up through the ranks – Amy Grant , Sandi Patty . They were amazing . Growing up , my parents listened to a lot of musical theater . I did a lot of that when I was pursuing my professional career . I did a lot of stage roles , so musical theater has very much been an influence on my life . I love Broadway .
My family is also a big part of my music . I cowrote the songs for TreasureToons with my son . I worked with both of my boys on songwriting and producing . My husband also assisted . It ’ s truly a project from our family to families everywhere .
Who has had the greatest impact on your faith ?
Dr . Jack Hayford and his wife , Anna . They are the founding pastors of Church On The Way . Pastor Jack Hayford really grew me up in the Lord . He is my spiritual father . I have been so privileged to be at that church for over 35 years . He and his wife Anna have both been of the deepest influence on my spiritual life - more than anyone else . They have fed into me personally and have helped my marriage to be strong . They have been the most amazing people . I can ’ t say it enough and am so grateful .
What songs do you remember singing as a child ? What were your favorites ? Oh , that ’ s a tough one . There is one church song I remember . It feeds right into my messaging . I remember the lyrics : ‘ Oh be careful little eyes what you see . Oh be careful little ears what you hear .’ I love the little sweet , simple songs like that because they really do stick with you . Just sweet simple songs about the Lord .
What else is on your heart to share with our readers ? I want to help parents be ambassadors for Christ in their children ’ s lives . We have to equip our children in order for them to have victorious lives . And , memorizing scripture is one of our most effective lines of defense . I want to get God ’ s Word out . So , I want to give a call to action – to educators , parents , grandparents , homeschoolers . People who are in charge at church . Leaders in charge of children ’ s choirs and children ’ s programs . I want to get these resources like TreasureToons out and put them in front of children . To anyone who is using any kind of music or visual tools to influence kids – I would love to call them to action to use things that are equipping kids with the Word of God .
I also want to stress an added benefit of reaching children in this way . When parents and grandparents introduce resources like TreasureToons into their home , they will memorize scripture as well . I ’ ve run into so many adults who have told me that I am inspiring them to learn scripture also . It ’ s perfect family time . What a fun way to memorize scripture together ! It ’ s something that makes faith fun . It creates wonderful memories for children and parents to memorize scripture together .
What project is next in line for you ? I am in the middle of volume two for TreasureToons . We are halfway done . It will be released sometime midyear 2017 . I ’ m also getting ready to develop a book for the scripture songs . And , I ’ m doing a lot of speaking to groups about the importance of investing in our children . I ’ ve been thrilled to be invited to speak to several groups this year .
Faith Filled Family Magazine would like to thank Cassie Byram for sharing these insights into her passion and project . Another big thank you goes to Tracy Cole of Rogers & Cowan for arranging the interview .
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