Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 65

let ’ s take scripture songs and animate them . That way they are getting a two-punch of listening to music and seeing video . Music prepares the brain to learn . It prepares the brain for the message to go deeper . With TreasureToons , kids are getting music , but it ’ s wrapped up in engaging animation that holds their attention . And , it ’ s working . I am getting letters every week from people telling me how it ’ s affecting their children .
Who is your target audience ? Lullaby through six years old . The little ones . The reason for that is because there is indisputable evidence that a child ’ s brain is mostly developed by the time they are three . There ’ s also many studies that have confirmed by the age of nine most of the moral and spiritual foundation is in place . So , we need to reach them way before that . It ’ s all about reaching the little ones before they reach the age that they start to act on the identities and moral convictions they have formed . We are building tomorrow ’ s church with today ’ s children . We have to shape our children and grandchildren with God ’ s love and His ways and how to walk through the challenges of life , before the world tells them how to do it .
What has God taught you in the process of creating this series ? In this process , I have not only been writing these songs and doing the art directing for animation , but I have been memorizing the scriptures as well . My journeying in this project has caused me to learn more scripture than in the rest of my life . I ’ ve always loved God ’ s Word . Whenever I have led a small group or when I speak , my emphasis is always on the Word of God . I was very impacted by the fact that when I came to know the Lord , I knew I had been reconciled to God , and that was the greatest gift of my life . As time went on , I realized His Word was where He was transforming me and renewing my mind into the person He wanted me to be . His Word has been so alive for me . So , the greatest thing that has happened for me is that I have memorized scriptures on a greater scale . It has been a delightful result that I wasn ’ t even thinking about . When you write a song and are listening to the music , whatever words are imbedded in that song , you ’ re going to learn it . That ’ s why I feel so passionate about what we allow our children to listen to and take in on a visual level . These things affect who we are and our decision-making . It ’ s tough to change after it ’ s been imbedded as a child . So , let ’ s plant these seeds of God ’ s Word early , while they are developing .
What was the most challenging part of production ? Learning new skills . I had never been involved in animation on this level before . As a professional singer / songwriter since