Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 64

TreasureToons : Burying God ’ s Word in the Hearts of Our Children

Interview with Cassie Bryam


Cassie Byram ’ s latest

project , TreasureToons , combines songs and animation with scripture , to plant the seeds of God ’ s Word in the hearts and minds of children . The 55-minute DVD offers memorable music , playful animation , lyrics and sing-alongs designed to instill God ’ s Word in children at an early age . As Faith Filled Family Magazine spoke with
Cassie about TreasureToons , her passion for reaching the next generation with the power of scripture was paramount .
What is the main message of TreasureToons ? To reach children at the earliest age , starting at the lullaby stage , with God ’ s Word . This is such a sight and sound world these days . So , what I ’ ve done with
TreasureToons is create a really fun way for parents and grandparents to capture the hearts of their children and grandchildren with God ’ s Word and His ways through music and animation .
I know that the things you memorize through music last a lifetime . I also see that even one-yearolds today are in their strollers holding a tablet . So I thought ,