Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 61

and care that plant will die . The tree will wilt and the dirt will not yield the healthy nutrients needed for a good foundation for the plant . The plant will turn dark , and wilt right there in the pot . In many cases , it will not be over night , but with continued neglect the plant will die . The same goes for animals and people . And yes , even a marriage will wilt up and die . It can become dark , wilted , and bitter to look upon .
What happens in most cases is that many will throw out that marriage just like that dead
is pain and sorrow . No life , no joy only misery .
That is the bad news , now for the good news . Hope ! The most exciting and brilliant thing is that there is always hope . Where there is breath there is hope and there are several ways to rekindle a new flame . Notice I said “ new flame ”. The last thing you or I want to do is to wade into the murky waters of the same old , same old . It ’ s hard to start a fire with wet wood , and the only thing neglect will do is drown out the relationship .
With a willing heart , and that first step moving forward looks like this . Start with one ’ s self . Stop the blaming . Accept your part in the neglect . We all walked right by that plant and thought “ I ’ ll get that tomorrow ”. When we feel neglected we tend to act in kind . Take time today to reach out and show your love . Corinthian 13 describes how love looks if you need a guide . If the struggle goes beyond you and your spouse look for a biblical Christian coun-
old plant . Just like with a dead plant we ask ourselves , “ What happened to our marriage ?” I thought I watered it enough . I thought I feed it , what happened ? A neglected marriage pains all involved . Husbands , wives , children all are affected . Mom blames dad , dad blames the kids . One or both spouses work and there is no time at the end of the day . Stress , restlessness , and unfaithfulness all play a part in the neglect of a once maybe thriving marriage . As the marriage progresses , the battle scars of neglect begin to appear : bitterness , constant arguing , further neglect , blame , words and finally death . The battle field of neglect is a bloody mess and all that is left from years of neglect