Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 60


Being Invisible Hurts BY TONI TROXELL

The word neglect is a powerful word . Many people today have , or at least feel , as though they have been neglected at one point or another in their lives . One area that often becomes a battle ground of neglect is the marriage . We start out well . However as time continues , the marriage place becomes a place of neglect and emptiness .

The word neglect means not to care for something or someone properly . In other words , it means taking for granted the responsibility given to one to care for something or someone . Too often the honeymoon ends and the sea of neglect washes over the relationship like a tidal wave crushing and dissolving all that remains . Neglect wanders in and soon no sign of life remains-just empty shells … a barren beach . Many wonderful and enduring relationships have succumbed to the problem of neglect . Although this may often occur , there are ways to prevent the war of neglect and once again reclaim what was destroyed by its effects .
In the scripture , the word neglect is used to remind us not to neglect others ( Deuteronomy 12:19 ), the house of God ( Nehemiah 13:11 ), the Word of God ( Psalm 119:16 ), justice , mercy and faithfulness ( Matthew 23:23 ), your gift as a Christian ( 1 Timothy 4:14 ) and so on . So , considering these facts , it would seem reasonable that neglecting one ’ s marriage would be a big deal to God . Hebrews 13:4 says , “ Marriage should be honored by all , and the marriage bed kept pure , for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral ”. Neglecting one ’ s marriage is like forgetting to feed yourself . You have the food , but no one is eating it .
So , what does a neglected marriage look like ? Well , it ’ s like a starving plant . Having taken horticultural classes , I have learn some very important facts about having healthy plants , trees and even dirt . To keep them alive and vibrant they need proper care and yes , even love . Very simply , without the proper maintenance