Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 6

Publisher ’ s Letter

Happy New Year !
This month ’ s issue is on restoring relatinships and marriages .
There is nothing too difficult for God to restore and rebuild . In this issue , we discuss many common myths that exist in marriages and we “ bust ” society ’ s perceptions and falsehoods on the subject matter .
Many of the lies that we believe can actually be harmful to our marriages . Often , spouses will hide their feelings because they have been falsely told that they shouldn ’ t feel that way , or that there is something wrong with them when in actuaility , what they are experiencing is normal and even godly .
This doesn ’ t allow for any room for growth in a relationship , nor communication . All that ends up happening is bitterness and resentment take root . The couple ends up growing apart and may not even know or understand why this is even happening .
We lie and chalk it up to irreconcilable differences . Divorce may take place if left too long , when things really could have been simply solved , and worked out .
May your marriage be strengthened by each article , and may you draw closer together as a couple .
Victory is yours , and may you walk in the blessings that God has for your marriage .
Your spouse is a gift from God especially to you . Treausre them always . ________________________
Michelle Danko is the founder and executive publisher of Faith Filled Family Magazine . Michelle doesn ’ t just believe in just writing about the Word , but living it each and every day .
She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of families and teaching every person that victory in life is possible with Christ .
Michelle homeschools her four boys , and enjoys spending time with her husband of thirteen years .