Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 57

minds . I can attest to this personally .
In the house with my sisters , my mom , and my step-father , I witnessed and was a victim of both verbal and physical altercations . When I was younger , I witnessed my mother and step-father argue , and argue all day over petty things that would usually end up in a physical altercation between them . Arguing was a way of life for them and when words weren ’ t enough , walls were punched , a jaw was broken , and sunglasses were worn to hide black eyes . This is no way for a couple to live , nor for the innocent lives around them . Though arguing can lead
to what I witnessed when I grew up , not all families had to experience what I went through , thank God . The effects were long lasting scars on my heart of having to see these things happen . Yet , by the grace of God , I have broken those chains and cycle of abuse in my family . My family is not physical and we don ’ t use words that hurt . God ’ s grace has shown me the right to approach disagreements .
Think about it . What was the last thing you argued about with your spouse ? In the end , was it worth the fight ? Did you win but walked away a loser in another aspect , say respect or trust ? When couples fight , and fight a lot , to win the argument , there is usually an underlying issue in the marriage . Some stress is leading to these issues of fighting that are being avoided , of not being said . Maybe it is your spouse spending too much money under a tight budget . Maybe it is your spouse never spending time with the kids but out with friends all the time . Maybe work stress is being brought home . The list can go on and on . Anything in life can be a stress and kept under wraps to such an extent that it manifests itself in hostility towards the one you married and promised to love and cherish . Whatever the cause , the end is arguments