Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 55

all men are dogs which is false . So instead of learning that maybe she picked the wrong kind of guy she takes it as all men are like that .
So whatever happens to you , find some positive lesson within the experience . When you start taking positive lessons from things you will see your life change like never before . Ask God to help you change your attitude . Tell him you have had this bad attitude disease long enough . Ask him to heal your heart and to heal your family from the attitude . Ask him to help you be more of the wife or husband you need to be with the right attitude . Ask him to help you become the parent you need to be so that your attitude doesn ’ t rub off on your kids .
What you say to your spouse will kill their spirit so don ; t allow your attitude in life to mhelp destroy them as a person . God gave you them for his purpose and his purpose has nothing to do with you dogging on them all the time . You are to treasure your spouse through good and bad times . Change what you say to your spouse and change how you see your spouse and you will see your marriage start to change God ’ s way .
I will end this with one statement and one question : Success in a marriage is not about finding the right person as much as it is about becoming the right person . Ask yourself would you want to be married to you then act accordingly .
Living a God-Inspired Life ,
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