Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 54

things will make them happy but it is short-lived . Happiness on the outside is always depending on circumstances but when you have true joy in your heart , it doesn ’ t matter what is going on , you have a peace in you .
I have read so many books on attitude . Attitude doesn ’ t control what happens to you but it does control how you go through it . I am not talking about some hokey poky kind of stuff . I am talking about an attitude of gratefulness in your heart . You can either look at your family as a burden and some people do or you can look at them as a Blessing .
If you see your family through burdensome eyes , your family will suffer but if you see your family through the eyes of Blessing then your family will be Blessed .
I believe that my wife and I are strong right now because both of us are easy to please . I see many people where the man or woman could fly to the moon and you still wouldn ’ t get a response out of the spouse . That is no way to be in a marriage .
How about your kids ? Are you destroying your kids because of your lousy attitude ? Whether you realize it or not you are destroying them too . I actually heard a mom tell her 16 daughter that she is mean to her because life will be mean to her . She said she is building character in her . REALLY ? Come on now , she was destroying her 16 year old daughter because of her past experiences .
Don ’ t allow your past experiences to cloud your judgment about your spouse or your kids . There are many people that have been cheated on so many times so they are married now waiting on their husband or wife to cheat . They are pushing their spouse away because of past experiences .
Yes , whatever happened to you in the past might have been bad but you don ’ t have to make your current husband or wife pay for someone else ’ s past crime towards you . Your past needs to stay right where it is , in your past .
We should use our past to learn from but not take orders from it . Are you still so focused on what happened in your past that you are allowing it to control your every thought ? If you are then you are allowing it to destroy your family .
This is a form of addiction . Focusing on your past so that your today can ’ t be great . We all from time to time wallow in our past but we can ’ t allow it to control us .
There are only 2 things in this world that we have 100 % control over . They are our actions and our attitude . We don ’ t control other people ’ s actions or attitude but ours and ours alone . Granted sometimes our actions and attitudes put fire in a situation that spring out of control .
Do you say I will change when he or she does ? It doesn ’ t work that way . We are to change as a person whether someone else does or not . So the next time you catch yourself saying if he or she would just do this my life would be easier . WRONG ! We can only control what we do and what our attitude is . That ’ s it !
The point to all this is that your attitude controls everything you do , good or bad . If you keep a bad attitude you will over time destroy your family and people won ’ t want to be around you . If you keep your attitude more on the positive side of life people will be drawn to you . You will become a people magnet as people will gravitate toward you including your spouse . Life will seem easier even though it is no easier than anyone else ’ s .
Don ’ t get me wrong here , I am not saying that you should never let your emotions show because that extreme is bad too . If you do that eventually your emotions will come out and blast at people especially your spouse . You can ’ t hold your emotions in . There has to be balance in your life just like everything else . Yes your life might be falling apart but at least you have God with you right ?
God never said that he would take away our problems but he did say he would be right there with us through them . Life isn ’ t supposed to be easy but it is supposed to be fruitful no matter what happens to you . When you look at your past , if you can honestly say you learned something positive from that experience then that is what life is all about .
I say learn something positive because some people learn negative from an experience . For example a woman gets cheated on multiple times so she learns that