Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 50

What Dating Myths Do

Your Teens Believe ? Interview with Daniel Anderson


We all dreaded it . I am

speaking of the moment when your teenage daughter ( or son ) asks when they will be able to go on a date . If you have not been there yet , just you wait , the day is coming . Many parents do not adequately handle those moments well . This is because we are ill-equipped for them . We remember the heartbreak that often accompanies the turbulent teenage dating years and we want to shield our kids from those experiences .
That is understandable , except that it is a part of life . They want to experience life for themselves . Is it right for us parents to keep them from that ? Many times as parents , we just may not know how to approach the issue . How do we handle the subject of sex outside of marriage ? Many just do not want to talk about it because they lack the knowledge of what to say . That does not have to be the case anymore .
Dr . Daniel Anderson , a veteran high school teacher , author , and father has written a well-thought out book that answers all of these questions parents may have . He gives us insight on how to speak to our teens about the myths surrounding topics on dating , sex , love , and all of the rest . His book The 10 Myths of Teen Dating was written along with his daughter , Jacquelyn Anderson , also a high school teacher . This is their first published work as a team .
Together , they inform and encourage parents of the myths that are out there , what to be aware of with your teen , and how to approach these delicate subjects with them . They know it is not easy stuff to deal with , because they have lived it . In the book , they share some of their own experiences as father and daughter with loving transparency . It is a must read for any parent or guardian of teenagers . Both Daniel and Jacquelyn make their home in Portland , Oregon , and we are so blessed they were able to share some of their time with us . Why do you think girls feel they need a boyfriend in order to be happy ?
I think a lot of this comes from the FOMO , or Fear of Missing Out . They see their friends and peers happy with a boyfriend and feel like they are missing out on some grand adventure . Having a boyfriend is , especially at first , extremely exciting and that can easily be confused for happiness . Those “ butterflies ” are something that girls are in search of .
Parents often tell their kids to “ trust their instincts ”. Why do you think it is a myth for a teen to trust their feelings ? 100 % myth .
This might be the worst parenting advice ever uttered . There are so many reasons , but I think they begin and end with one simple fact : the teenage brain is immature and won ’ t be fully