Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 46

old daughter . Is it a weakness in the constitution of this group , or perhaps it is just a lack of faith ? Maybe these groups of individuals do not know some of the things about our Father that my daughter does . Do they know through Him is the only way ? Do they realize He gave us life , we live life for Him , and the goal in our life is to be with Him ? The not knowing could be the exact reason for this breakdown in emotional strength of such a young group of people with years ahead of them , but no hope for eternity without God .
I do recall reading fairy tales as a child , but I remember more Bible stories than fairy tales . Children hear “ God is our Father ,” and immediately think of their earthly father . Some people have Godly fathers , and it is a beautiful complement . Others have no father or come from broken homes with bad fathers who were terrible husbands as well . This loss can be disheartening for a child to grow up not realizing the faith and grace of our Lord . All they see and hear is the bitterness that causes the breakdown and then a person is missing from home . What do we say to these children who grow up with this parental loss ? Do we tell them it will not happen to them ? Do we claim to have an opportunity to make a marriage work and to have a family who they will provide for with their spouse until death do they part ? Can any parent give that kind of advice to a child and know in their heart that child will grow up and not be let down by another individual one day ? That decision is to each person their own to make .
I have two daughters , both who have lived through my divorce . They do not look for unrealistic expectations in another person . They do not look for the perfect man . They know it is unfair to place obstacles or demands on another person to make them happy . I have told them many times happiness is an inside job . I encourage every single individual to be satisfied with themselves , before inviting another person into their lives . And before taking that walk down the aisle , get to know that person well . I don ’ t think God meant to be one-sided when He said ~
I Peter 3:7 - Husbands , likewise , dwell with them with understanding , giving honor to the wife , as to the weaker vessel , and as being heirs together of the grace of life , that your prayers may not be hindered .
He was speaking to husbands , but I think wives too , before becoming husbands and wives get to know each other well . Then spend more time getting to know each other , understanding each other , before growing together through the years . I can ’ t tell you the countless times I have heard people say , “ We just grew apart ” or “ He or she changed over time .” People change over time in relationships . Life happens , and events occur in our lives . These events enable us to evolve . In our relationships , if we do not grow together , or we do part , but we do not just grow apart .
My oldest daughter is 24-yearsold and is no closer to getting married today than she was when she was 16-years-old and dating the boy and now the man she is dating . They change so much from one year to the next ; I never know if they will make it to the next . I would much rather the two of them have their up and downs during these times of him getting his career going , and her getting through college than years down the line and maybe with little ones involved .
For some people , life is about love and marriage . It ’ s about finding that person you want to spend the rest of your life with and marrying them . And that ’ s it , the ring is on the finger , the “ I do ’ s ” are said , then It doesn ’ t matter how they treat their spouse because they are married . Does it matter how we treat our spouses ? If you are in a Christian relationship with the Lord , then this relationship also applies to your marriage . How about now ? Let ’ s consider a verse ~
I Corinthians 13:4-8a Love suffers long and is kind ; love does not envy ; love does not parade itself , [ love ] is not puffed up ; [ love ] does not behave rudely , [ love ] does not seek its own , [ love ] is not provoked , [ love ] thinks no evil ; [ love ] does not rejoice in iniquity , but [ love ] rejoices in the truth ; [ love ] bears all things , [ love ] believes all things , [ love ] hopes all things , [ love ] endures all things . Love never fails .
Love never fails , but marriages do . Why is that ? Do people who love each other and get married fall out of love and get divorced , or do they just stay in love and not stay married ? Let ’ s backtrack just a minute , if you are in