Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 42

did you become this person interested in D , E and F ? The last time we talked you told me you were interested in A , B and C . Well , that was decades ago . Life changes people .
Think of all the couples in the Bible who might have seen more admirable outcomes had they communicated with their wives ?
The lines of communication between the two were not completely open or Eve might have told Adam what the serpent told her before eating the fruit or sharing it with him . We all know
the outcome of their lack of ccommunication .
Perhaps if they had incorporated a little couple time , Rebekah would have aligned herself with her husband instead of her son Jacob . However , because that spousal bond was not as firm as it should have been , Isaac blesses Jacob instead of the Esau the first born . When the plot is discovered , Jacob is forced to flee for his life . At least temporarily , a rift develops between the two brothers . The enmity between the two brothers could have been avoided if the parents were on the same page regarding their two sons .
The bible asks , “ How can two walk together unless they be agreed ?” ( Amos 3:3 ). And how can they know what they agree unless they already talked together ? The whole idea is to find time for just the two of you , so you can talk together , cry together , laugh together — make love together . If couples plan to make time for each other , they will be successful finding time . Like my mother used to always say , “ Where there is a will , there is a way .”