Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 41

relationship . When you share a decision you made and the thought process involved , you are sharing yourself and taking your spouse on the journey with you . Knowing your spouse is an on-going process . The knowing continues years pass the ricethrowing .
It is possible to just go for a walk together and say nothing- -in a park , a lake , garden . The intimacy of silence strengthens the ability , at a later date , to share what hurts , astounds , awakens your spirit . Intimate moments are bonding moments- -deposits into the bank of the relationship . You can draw on these moments during the lean times . Reminiscences nurture a relationship , but if there are no moments of quality time upon which to reminisce , if there is no wealth in the bank of emotions upon which a couple can draw , the couple is heading for a bankrupt relationship . An empty account leads to an overdrawn account which may explain one reason for divorce in this country . We ’ re just too busy to invest needed time into relationships .
Making time for each other is a challenge for new parents . Infants require time and energy . Usually , when parents have time for each other , they don ’ t have the energy and vice versa .
1 . Making couple time after the arrival of an infant will require planning . Plan for in-laws to visit so they can take on babysitting responsibilities and you can relax knowing your bundle of pride and joy is in capable hands .
2 . Try and get the infant on a schedule . This way you can pre-determine when the infant should fall asleep and the two of you can plan an at-home date .
3 . For those who have the means , hiring a nanny is also an alternative . Having someone around who will also perform household duties will provide even more time for couples to foster intimacy .
4 . If one is at work or the other home , call each other on the phone . Even a five-minute phone call can help cultivate a relationship .
5 . Couples can also cook together , wash clothes , clean-up together . Though you may be working , at least the two of you are together .
Couple time is especially important during the years raising children . Children can add distance between a husband and wife . The busyness of working and of raising children along with the stress and fatigue involved often makes couple time extremely difficult . Couples often tell themselves they ’ ll spend time with each other tomorrow or next week . But days turn to months and then years . During the childrearing times , lives are undergoing changes . Mind are changing . Needs may be changing . If you have not shared those vicissitudes as they were occurring , when the children have moved on , you may find yourself living with a complete stranger . When