Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 37

many more people from all over the world with our music because we obeyed God .
Now with over 20 acclaimed albums , touring annually in the USA , UK . Europe , South America , to name a few ….. in regards to the band ’ s commitment to not only the ministry , but to their family , how does the band balance time with rehearsals , touring and family ? Why is this so important ? We try not to segment life . Life is ministry , be it making dinner for the family , singing on stage to a stadium full of people , or saying “ thank you ” to the grocery store attendant and asking how their day is coming along . We want to include our family and those we come in contact with in as much as possible and to have a holistic view to life and ministry . We make an effort not to be away from our family for extended periods of time as well . Its something that we need to be mindful of and will always be making adjustments where needed .
The band is anchored in the success of having recorded several albums , Dove awards nominees , “ Endless Praise ” which was released in March 2014 , reached # 3 on the Bilboard Top Heatseekers chart and # 16 on the Billboard Christian Album chart , to name a few such honors …. How should any Christian Artist respond to such accolades and accomplishments ? How important is humility in the life of Christian Artist ? For us its pretty simple . It ’ s not about us . Our job is point people to Jesus . When that is clear and embedded within our heart , its easy to keep the focus where it should be - Jesus .
Now , your Senior Pastor , Russell Evans , speaks of there being “ God moments that were recorded such as “ intimate worship moments that felt like it was just you and Jesus in the room .” So , tell us . What is the purpose of “ Overflow ” and how has this album affected people of all walks ? Can you share a story of how “ Overflow ” already has been a source of empowerment in the lives of others ? Over the years we have seen God do incredible things . As the ministry has grown we have been deliberate to keep the element of community and intimacy with God a priority . Our goal is that at every Planetshakers event , not matter how big or small , that people are drawn closer to Christ through an encounter with Him . When we write songs , we want them to draw the hearts of people to Christ . At the live recording of “ Overflow ” at Planetshakers Conference in Melbourne Australia , we had so many testimonies of people saying that during worship they felt like it was just them and Jesus , even though there were 15,000 delegates . We believe that in God ’ s presence , the impossible becomes possible , God can do something in a moment that could otherwise take years . He is the God of “ more than enough ”; more than enough joy , peace , love , healing , provision , wisdom … more than what we could ask think or imagine , according to His power at work in us .
I see there are several ministries within Planetshakers . So , this is not just a band , but you ’ re actively making a difference in the world in other means . Tell us about some of the ministries . And , what ’ s next on the horizon for Planetshakers ? Are there any new projects the group is working on ? Absolutely ! We do have many different ministries in our church . We believe that if we are truly going to shake the planet for God , we must serve our community in many more ways than just music . To name a few of the ways we are doing this , we hold many school programs for high school students all across our state , teaching them how to respect each other and that they are all significant and special ! We also have teams that go into jails to preach and make a joyful sound through praise and worship . We run outreach programs to our local communities , providing groceries and holding barbques . And there are so many more I could mention ! In terms of what ’ s next , we just want to keep being a light to our communities , being Jesus ’ hands and feet wherever we go , and keep on praising God through it all !
How can anyone contact Planetshakers for a concert ? And where can it be purchased ? What are the social media contacts ? The best way to connect with us is on social media ; Facebook , Instagram or Twitter @ Planetshakers if someone would like the band to minister at an event , bookings @ planetshakers . com