Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 36

to this prophetic word , the song Overflow was written . It is a song of faith , as we believe that God wants to overflow us with His goodness and favour . Some songs have also been written in response to personal challenges our writers have walked through . One of our writers wrote I Know Who You Are and Sings My Soul during a faith-testing season of his life . Both songs declare who God is to us , and how He is faithful to lead us through every season we face .
Overflow reflects the promise in Ephesians 3:20 … “ Now to Him who is able to do superabundantly more than all that we dare ask or think , according to His power that is at work within us .” To those who face unrelenting prolongs periods of hardships , and their faith is tested beyond all limits , how important is it to activate this scripture ? What is the message you hope those who listen to this album gain from this scripture ? Faith comes by hearing , and hearing the Word of God . We see music as a tool to help people hear positive , faith and hope filled messages that point people toward heaven . It ’ s our prayer that people just don ’ t listen , but they would also join with us in praise and worship . As the timeless hymn says “… and the things on earth will grow strongly dim , in the light of His glory and grace … Turn your eyes upon Jesus …”. When we bring a offering of praise and worship , our eyes become focused on Jesus , and not our problem or issue . It ’ s amazing what can happen when we focus on Jesus and what He has already done for us through the Cross . We all go through things that have the potential to crush us , but the good news is , we have a hope that is found in Jesus , the One who is able to do exceedingly , abundantly more than what we could ever ask or think , according to His power that is at work within us . Things may not change instantly , but we know that God is always working in the background on our behalf .
Now , with the upbeat sound of songs such as ; “ Here Comes The Revival ” and the beautiful lyrics of “ Precious To Me “ and the soulful sound of “ Overflow ” and “ I ’ m Free ”……. why have you chosen to be a Worship Band as oppose to a different genre within the Christian arena , such as , Gospel , Rock Band , Hip Hop , etc ? And , the musicians are exceptional . Exactly what qualities and skills are you looking for in a musician ? Great question . We are very blessed to have great musicians . But what we really look for in a musician is a heart for worship . Something I love about Planetshakers is that our musicians are actively serving in other areas of the church , not just as part of the band . Andy Harrison is a great example , being our lead drummer as well as our youth pastor . So we really look for people who are after the heart of God , passionate about bringing His Kingdom to earth in whichever way they can . In terms of genre , we are not aiming for a specific niche or market . Our team constantly presses in to God to hear the sound that He wants to release in our church . And what you hear during our events is the same as what you would hear in our services .
I believe that worship is a lifestyle that should permeate every aspect of one ’ s life . And like Planetshakers , it should bring us into an awesome encounter with God . But , sometimes , we encounter difficult times . And certainly , none of us are exempted from such . As a matter of fact , being a Christian greatness that we will face challenging times . And during such times we can either worship the Lord or complain and lose hope . Do you care to elaborate on a time when Planetshakers was faced with such opposition ? How has the band remained rock steady with a heart of worship over these 19 years ? This is true ! We have faced difficult times as a church . But through it all , we are committed to God , and to His will , and we will always trust in what He is saying to us . Around 10 years ago , Planetshakers was holding conferences all around Australia , in every state , and these were reaching many people . But one day , Ps Russell felt God say to just do one conference every year in Melbourne , instead of all the other states . On paper , this seemed crazy . We faced much opposition to this decision , with people telling us that we would lose much influence as a church . But we , as a church , decided to trust God in what He was saying . And , of course like He always does , He moved through this ! In fact , God has increased our influence as a church since this and we are now able to reach so