Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 29

Emotional Affairs Are Harmless , Right ? BY CHAS FUNDERBURG


man and a woman meet at a place where neither of them lives , but usually where they both work . They carry on casual , friendly conversations , and find that they enjoy these conversations . Soon , they talk more often , and decide to move up to lunches together – casual at first , and then more elaborate . They find that these lunches are nice , but they want to talk in a more intimate setting . They meet in a hotel , and passions are aroused , and now they have slept together . They both realize it is wrong , and they both have families that depend on their love and support , but they like their trysts and each other ’ s company enough that they are willing to take the risk that their families will be badly damaged , if not destroyed should they be found out .
So , the real question is , when did