Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 25

Prolonged periods of separation are not only dangerous because of the possibilities of extramarital affairs , but the couple will also stand the chance of losing feelings for one another . Most especially if they happen to meet someone else who sparks their interest . When couples are separated for too long , they may begin to reach out to another person and share intimate conversations with them that they can ’ t have with their spouse , and sharing too much of your personal life with an outsider of the opposite sex is never a good thing to do . They may suddenly begin to compare the spouse to this new found friend and may decide that the spouse is not what they thought they wanted after all . Then fights begin at home over petty stuff that is encouraged from unhealthy relationships with others .
When you are married and have been for many years or a few short weeks , you must remember that absence from one another does not really make a heart grow fonder . What it really does is make a heart yearn longer , and this is a very unhealthy thing for a marriage . Your spouse should not have to yearn for you for long periods of times . It ’ s not fair to them and it certainly will not turn out to be fair to you either .
When business or other activities cause you to have to be away from your spouse , there are things that you can do to prevent certain devastations from taking place in your marriage .
1 . Remember that your spouse is your life ’ s priority whether at home or away . Try to keep in close contact with them and try to keep your agenda open for time to be spent with them by way of phone conversation , etc . No activity done away from home will ever be more important than what you have at home .
2 . Do everything in your power to limit the amount of trips that you have to take without your spouse . If the trips are due to your employment , you might want to consider taking other employment that would allow you to stay at home at night and without traveling so often . If the trips are more for leisure or other extra curriculum activities , then you should really consider the importance of each in comparison to the importance of your marriage and family .
3 If your travels can not be altered or stopped , then perhaps you could figure out a way to include the spouse more often and do all in your power to keep them connected . Hotel stays while you work may sometimes be much better than nights at home in bed alone .
You must consider their needs and desires and be careful not to always take for granted that your spouse is okay . They may not be .
4 . Make every effort to do things for your spouse if separated , that will assure them that they were sorely missed and on your mind . If you are the traveler , do things when returning home like bringing flowers or other gifts to
your spouse . If you are the one left at home , be sure to go out of your way to plan special date nights with them when they return home and make their arrival a special time , no matter how often they have to return .
These and many other crafty ideas will help to keep a relationship strong while it is undergoing separation . Taking time to do something special for your mate will only encourage the same from them each time . All of humanity loves to be loved . Also be careful to never underestimate the power of outside forces and do all that you can to illuminate them from destroying your marriage , family and home .
Evangelist Tammie D . Croft is an Ordained Minister and Author . One of her latest books is titled “ Saving Your Marriage is Saving Your Life ”. Rev . Tammie and her husband Chris are the founders of Faith in Motion Ministries , an Evangelistic Ministry carrying the Word to the World by way of teaching , preaching , writing and whatever way the Lord leads .