Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 23

Does Prolonged Absence Make The Heart Grow Fonder ?

By Rev . Tammie D . Croft Th . A

Today is a very special day for you . The decorations are up , invitations have been confirmed , food is made and the agenda for the party is complete . Now it is time to celebrate the best day ever . You have bought the perfect gift and you can ’ t wait to give it to the love of your life . You have been working hard for days to put this celebration together because you want everything to be perfect . It all has to be the best for your spouse because today is your anniversary . The love you feel today is more than you felt when you first met , and you can ’ t wait to share this exciting time with your closest friends and family members .

You rush home from work to prepare the last minute details of the evening . The guests begin to arrive and you give each one specific instruction as to how everyone will surprise your spouse as if it were their birthday . The clock ticks on and you are anxiously awaiting their arrival . The guests begin to get antsy and you see their countenances changing from excitement to boredom . You try to pacify everyone by going over the menu and arousing their appetites . Suddenly , after patiently waiting , you begin to worry . Your excitement turns to concern and you try hard to hide what is actually taking place inside of you right now .
After an hour of waiting and trying not to lose any guests , the phone rings and you fear the worst . You answer the call only to hear those dreaded words once again , “ Hey honey , I ’ m sorry but I can ’ t make it home again tonight .” Now a feeling of dis-