Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 21

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What are other symptoms of attack ? You may experience prolonged fatigue that you just can ’ t seem to get out of , a lack of spiritual passion , or become extremely frustrated . You may also have a strong urge to quit your assignment , the same assignment that was once so crystal clear to you . And many are drawn back toward old bondages .
Tell us briefly how we can overcome some of these attacks ? In the book , I talk about six keys to break the attack .
1 . Break it with authority . 2 . Break it with faith . 3 . Break it with prayer . 4 . Break it with resistance . 5 . Break it by standing firm . 6 . And , break it with fasting .
We must continue to make decisions to not embrace the evil accusations of the enemy , nor move away from our assignments , nor get stuck in a rut , nor allow the present challenges to determine our future course .
Overcoming Spiritual Attack offers eight attack symptoms and details ways to overcome three types of common attacks and principles to free yourself from attacks . The book is available through Amazon . You can also visit the author online at www . RyanLestrange . com . I ’ d like to thank the Ryan LeStrange and for sharing this valuable resource . Special gratitude to Althea Thompson at Charisma House for setting up this interview .
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