Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 19

Spiritual Attack

ier New Year h Ryan LeStrange

not until he began visiting his uncle who had become a successful contractor and sort of a surrogate father . When his uncle took him to church , he heard the gospel for the very first time .
Though he began to understand , he had not been saved himself .
Ryan LeStrange did know that he had a prophetic calling on his life . Yet , with no real foundation in the church , he began to tap into darkness and experiment with zodiac witchcraft .
By 16 , LeStrange was depressed and suicidal . In the midst of his troubles , someone came and preached the gospel to him again . That was his moment of turnaround , during a service in Sacramento , California . “ I ’ ve called you .” A voice said . It was so vivid that he looked around to see who was talking and who they were talking to . That experience catapulted him to bible college to be trained for ministry . Today , LeStrange is a traveling minister who uses his media background to continue to build the Kingdom , has planted several churches and turned them over to his spiritual sons , and continues to deliver his messages of faith and deliverance around the globe . Ryan has also authored several books including The Fire of Revival , Releasing the Prophetic , and Revival Hubs Rising ( coauthored with Jennifer LeClaire ). Overcoming Spiritual Attack is his latest book .
What was the motivation for putting together a book that solely focuses on spiritual attacks ? A lot of people are hungry for the supernatural — there are shows about vampires , weir wolves , and zombies . I knew that if the supernatural is not being taught to them in their churches or wherever they are fellowshipping , then they can become drawn to the dark side . That ’ s what happened to me . I also wrote an article for a magazine about the symptoms of a spiritual attack . I was writing it just to help people , but the article had such strong feedback that I got the idea to write this book . The premise behind it is this : Many people may believe that they are simply having a bad day . Or that the reason they are so upset is because they are not making as much money at work . Or , their marriage has hit a rocky phase . It is certainly possible that you ’ re