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Perhaps you are one who ,

at the beginning of the new year , plans to do things different than the last year . You are planning to have a different life . You have proclaimed that in the new year , things are going to work out better for you . You have declared that this new year is going to be The Year of Greatness . That ’ s fantastic to desire better for your next season . However , around mid-January ( or at least the first quarter of the year ), people tend to succumb to whatever they were dealing with the year before . Turns out to be the same old year with the same old problem : You don ’ t have clear direction or purpose . So , what gives ?
Author Ryan LeStrange answers : You might be under a spiritual attack .
Growing up , Ryan had no desire to become a pastor or serve in ministry . He hadn ’ t even grown up in a Christian home — only going to church occasionally . But that all changed after his uncle had a radical deliverance from drugs and alcohol . “ What happened ?” The family had asked . His uncle had been saved . Ryan hadn ’ t quite been able to grasp salvation or deliverance ,