Faith Filled Family Magazine January 2017 - Page 13

think a purchase through before spending quickly and frivolously . Maybe it would help for them to think about what that money could have bought instead of what they actually spent it on . For example , diapers or food for the baby , maybe to pay on a utility bill , etc .
Helping the person think about things that are more needful for the family and always communicating about those things could help them remember what really matters .
God ’ s design for marriage is that the two become one . That does not just mean becoming one when it comes to sexual intimacy . It means in every way , including financially . He wants you as a couple to be of one mind , one heart , unified in purpose . He does not expect this to happen overnight . It will take time . After all , that is what marriage should do – take time . It takes time for two hearts to become one .
You both come into the marriage with your own set of desires , your different habits-good and bad , your ideals about what to do with your own money . That does not mean those habits and ideals have to stay the same . As the two of you become more and more unified in spirit through prayer and daily living , your desires of what to do with money should become more and more in sync . Compromise is also a good thing .
Remember the enemy of our
souls seeks to “ steal , kill and destroy ” everything relating to your marriage . God wants you to be whole as a couple and as a family . We all fantasize about what it would be like to have more money at times . It is fun to think about all the things we would buy if we could , places we would go if money were no object . But for most of us , it is . That is why we have to pray to keep God first , and pray that He help us make wise choices with the money He has allowed us to steward . Remember , He owns it all . He just allows us to use it . Keeping this perspective helps to keep us a little more centered with money .
Besides , what is more valuable , the money , or God who gave us the money in the first place ? Jesus put it this way , “ What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world , and loses his own soul ? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul ?” Mark 8:36- 37 . Pray together , and stay together . For this is the Lord ’ s will .